March 2, 2018

Stargroove Booking

Stargroove is an elastic power trio from Geneva, NY with the ability to move between funk, rock, reggae, roots, and soul with power and grace. Led by songwriter Michael George Gonzalez (vocals + electric guitar) and featuring the area’s tightest rhythm section with Anson Stiles (bass) and Justin Bryant (drums). This music player features a live recording of out Live From Linden street concert sponsored by Bank Of The Finger Lakes, Live From Linden, and City of Geneva.

Contact: Michael George Gonzalez

(585)237-8442 |


Michael George Gonzalez
Michael George Gonzalez is an experienced guitarist, composer, and vocalist. After two decades of performing and teaching throughout the United States, he returned to his Finger Lakes roots in 2014. He is the founder and lead instructor Ostaga Music School. Michael is a busy performer in music and theater, averaging 200+ performances a year. An active songwriter that performs as a solo artist, and with original music projects like WhorlWood. Michael is also a music advocate. He works as the founder and director of the Finger Lakes Independent Music Association (FLiMA).

Anson Stiles

Classically trained and practically educated, Anson Stiles brings more to the table than your average bassist. Possessing a natural ear, and a knack for the physical aspects of playing, he comes to every show with the energy of a steam locomotive. Whether it’s singing or playing, Anson cherishes musical interactions with his band mates and the crowd. Make sure you check out the number of other musical endeavors he is involved in, including the original jam band FAKAUI and progressive folk band Electric Tie Dye, where he plays bass and open back banjo, respectively. Anson also has a great solo act that is picking up steam in its own right. Steeped in classic forms such as blues, country, and Jazz, he is an enigma to categorize. Come see Stargroove and find out for yourself what all the buzz is about!

Justin Bryant