Troubador Tuesdays

What is Troubador Tuesdays?

Troubador Tuesdays is a weekly celebration of original music from the Finger Lakes. An acoustic show hosted by Geneva based musician, guitarist, and composer Michael George Gonzalez every Tuesday night at Kashong Creek Craft Cider.

Where is Troubador Tuesdays?

Each week Troubador Tuesdays is hosted by Kashong Creek Craft Cider in downtown Geneva, NY. They specialize in hand-crafted cocktails featuring rare spirits and unique recipes. In addition their rotating selection of exclusive craft beers and small batch ciders is unmatched in the region. They have also established themselves as a live music hub of the city.

When is Troubador Tuesdays?

Troubador Tuesdays happens every week on Tuesday nights from 9:00PM-Midnight.
A set of original music written by Michael.
10:00PM – FLX SET
A set of new and works in progress music by Michael. Plus covers of music from other local artists.
The third set features music by songwriters that have inspired Michael.

Who is Troubador Tuesdays?

Michael George Gonzalez is a musician, composer, and educator currently based in Geneva, NY. He spent many years in Seattle after moving to Washington State to study music composition in college. The Finger Lakes native returned to his roots in the region in 2014. Since then he has been devoted to music, community, and family. His sultry voice and astute guitar playing always deliver a passionate and dynamic show. His music moves fluidly across jazz, blues, roots, folk, soul, reggae, funk, rock, and jam styles. As a songwriter and arranger he keeps the audience engaged with creative songs and thoughtful lyrics.

Michael is writing a new song each week.
Subscribe to his YouTube channel to hear each new song.

The Final Tuesday of each month will feature a guest songwriter from the Finger Lakes.
September: Aaron DeRuyter
October: Dave Chisholm
November: Marilla Gonzalez
December: Justin Swank
January: Chris Stephens
February: Laura Black

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