Solo Acoustic [playlist]

Acoustic guitarist Michael George began as a singer. Since he was a child has sung songs of all styles. During his school years he participated in many choirs and vocal ensembles. He receive private voice lessons throughout his youth and won top honors and solo competitions.

All these years of lyrics and melodies had an impact on Michael. He started to write poetry on a regular basis and it wasn’t long before the poems turned to lyrics. At nineteen Michael started to teach himself to play guitar to accompany himself singing.

Today, Michael George is one of the most versatile acoustic guitar players in the region. He is confident navigating a wide range of music styles from blues and folk, to jazz and latin, to roots and rock. He performs often for public and private events throughout North America. When he is not on the road he calls Geneva, NY where he teaches privately.

Soulo: Live at Beale Street CafeSoulo was recorded live during a solo performance at the Beale Street Cafe. From 2006-2009 jazz guitarist Michael George was living and working around Geneva, NY. He had standing weekly shows at both locations of the Beale Street Cafe.

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