Newshade [album]

Newshade is the latest studio album from Michael George. This recording demonstrates his versatility and the diversity of Michael's musical influences. Newshade explores interpretations of jazz, roots, blues, and bossa nova music…

…After a decade living, studying and performing in the Pacific Northwest Michael returned home to upstate New York in 2006. This brought him full-circle combining his travel, education, and experience with his family roots. A catharsis sparked a creative focus. For three years he performed almost nightly solo and trio engagements and collaborated with top New York musicians.

When offered studio time by producer Derek Burnett he took these players into the studio. Burnett + George co-produced this album in pursuit of a pure, organic sound. The rhythm section (acoustic guitar, bass, drums) was recording on a single track to preserve the listeners feeling of being “in the room”. Michael’s sultry voice and prolific guitar work engage the ear. Quinn Lawrence’s work on the Saxophone + Trumpet sounds fresh and in the moment.

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