Happy Solstice!

Today, December 21, 2014 is one of my favorite times of year. The Winter Solstice marks when the fewest hours of daylight fall in the Northern Hemisphere, while the most hours of daylight occur in the Southern Hemisphere. Earth Sky does a good job of explaining the science behind the solstice in this article.

For me the solstice illustrates the importance of living with balance. By pushing us to extreme hours of sunlight (or darkness) nature demonstrates this idea. If the earth were to continue in either direction (toward light or darkness) life would be lost. For many traditions and beliefs this is the time we must pause to reflect and show gratitude.

In the year to come please join me in setting one simple goal. To carry the openness and appreciation you feel during the solstice season with you into 2015. Strive for patience and acceptance through better understanding. And then teach someone a little of what you have learned.

Love and Light! Happy Solstice!

Happy Solstice Season

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