Female Singer Sought [Finger Lakes]

Thanks for taking a moment to read this post. Please feel free to share with your friends or refer me to potential singers and musicians you know.

I am searching for a female vocalist for a new recording/performance project. She should be comfortable singing both smooth and powerful on music that draws from styles including (in no particular order): soul, r+b, jazz, blues, funk, roots, rock and folk.

My hope is that we focus on original music, but also include some choice covers. Of course these choices will be determined in part by her singing style, ability, and range. If you’re a songwriter, then we may incorporate some of your original music or co-write some new ones.

My plan is to find the right vocalist then meet weekly to practice and plan material. Once we’re ready we can perform as a duo targeting traditional and non-traditional venues. As we build our reputation and tighten our sound we may add other members to the group in future. I have access to some of the best horn players, drummers, and bass players in the area. This will allows us to play larger venues and events.

Really looking for a collaborative musician that will help me develop this project. Someone that is willing to devote time in rehearsals and on their own. And definitely someone that wants to perform, write, and record. If you play an instrument that can be a plus, but definitely not a deal breaker. If you have questions or concerns feel free to contact me directly. Thanks again for reading.

Michael George

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