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Upcoming live shows.

"Newshade" is my latest studio album.

My Story

I'm a guitarist, composer, and music teacher from Geneva, NY. For over two decades I’ve been performing, teaching, and living throughout the United States. In 2014 I returned to my family roots in the beautiful Finger Lakes region of central New York. Since then I have been devoted to music, community, and family.

I have been a full time performer since 2003. Since then I play 200+ solo performances a year in addition to my my work as an accompanist, session player, and side musician for other groups and events. As a bandleader I have three groups for my original music.

Ostaga Music School
I started teaching privately in 2001. In 2014 I opened Gonzo Music School in downtown Geneva, NY. That grew from a handful of private students, to adding more teachers, clinicians, and workshops. In 2017 we expanded to a new location. The new school is now called Ostaga Music School.

Finger Lakes Independent Music Association (
In 2014 I founded "FLiMA". Since then I have served as executive director. Our mission is to provide a platform for musicians to network, collaborate, and mentor each other. We work to create performance opportunities, professional development, and community engagement.

Current Music Projects

Here are some of the groups I play with.

Michael George

I’m a skilled solo artist that performs 200+ shows a year. These include artist residencies, featured songwriter appearances, educational clinics, and private events, as well as, more typical live music venues. /booking/


A dynamic acoustic project the explores traditional, jazz, and world music through Michael’s original compositions. Featuring SAMMY awarded artist Perry Cleaveland (mandolin + fiddle), Michael George Gonzalez (voice + guitar), and Dan Lopata (string bass). /projects/whorlwood/


A dynamic electric power trio specializing in funk, rock, reggae, blues, and latin flavors. With Michael George Gonzalez (voice + guitar), Anson Stiles (bass), and Justin Bryant (drums).


Founder & Director
Finger Lakes Independent Music Association aims to create a platform for regional musicians to network, collaborate, and mentor each other. We offer unique performance and professional development opportunities. We connect musicians to their community with special events.

Ostaga Music School

Owner & Lead Instructor

Rhythm Committee

– Michael George ( voice + ukulele)
– Vaughn Faison (voice + guitar)
– Anson Stiles (voice + bass)
– Joe Calabrese (drums)
A chameleon group that can fit any situation.


jazz ensemble (4-9 piece)
A jazz ensemble featuring Michael George (jazz guitar + voice) with tenor saxophone, string bass, and drums (additional horns + piano available).

Reactions to my Music

I also teach private music lessons.

What's Happening

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